Holistic Practitioners of Trichology


Learn The Hair Again Method to reverse hair loss in weeks. This is a two-day course for stylists/barbers.  Day 1 is an Introduction to Trichology and covers the theory of hair and scalp conditions in detail.  Day 2 is a hands-on clinical's course where you will learn how to perform scalp analysis and how to treat holistically.  Scope and products included. Locations vary.  For more information, send an email to

Cost:  $2,249.  Deposit Required. 

Hair Again Clinical's


  This course is the Day 2 ONLY of the 2-day course.  This is perfect for PRACTICING HAIR LOSS PROFESSIONALS who want to learn and add holistic treatments to their menu.  This class includes Theory on  Scalp Detoxification, Mineral Clay Absorption , Lymphatic Drainage, Micro-needle Therapy, Aromatherapy, Introduction to Ozone Therapy, and many more. 

 Cost:  $1,249.  Deposit Required.  

You will receive the Holistic Practitioners of  Trichologist's Blue Print. a Booklet on how to reverse all types of Alopecias and Scalp Disorders. 

Become part of the Movement with Trichologist's on a Mission


 To become a TOAM™ Partner, you must first complete our Holistic Practitioners of Trichology™ Course (see the Courses tab).  TOAM™ Partners benefits include:  inclusion into the private Learner's Forum where there are open round table discussions, case studies, and live demonstrations.  TOAM™ Partners also get special pricing on products and annual Convention fees.  Additionally, you are included in the TOAM™ Referral Network and listed on the website as a preferred professional in your area.  And finally, you get assistance structuring your hair loss service menus or cost analysis on your current hair loss services (one or the other).

  Fee: $299/yr